Ian Phillips

Holy Isle

Ynys Enlli, Bardsey Island, is a lump of rock, grass and sand, just off the tip of North Wales. Known as the Island of 10,000 Saints. In the olden days two pilgrimage journeys to Enlli had the same value as one to Rome!!. I had my own pilgrimage to the island, based on the worship of its exceptional landscape and wildlife, and experienced an inspirational week staying on Enlli. I spent every day wandering the coast, enjoying the huge variety of weather blowing in from the West, and trying to draw the varied and dramatic effects of that weather meeting, and fighting with, the old rock of the island.
Oh and every time I sat down to draw, a seal popped its head up from the surf and watched me. Then sometimes followed me along the coast, as I walked looking for a new view, as if to say; "whatcha ya doin"?