Ian Phillips

Cadair Idris - The Giants Chair

Cadair Idris, the third highest peak in Wales, is my local hill. Even if I'm not drawing it directly, it squats in the distance exerting a pull in any picture, hinting at stories of poetry and madness. Despite that attraction I've never found the 'hook' for an exclusive Cadair series until now.
I began drawing a new series based around Cadair Idris, called "The Giants Chair", on the Winter Solstice of 21st December. Finishing on the same day a year later, the Winter Solstice. I followed the 16 points of the compass as lines radiating out from the centre point of the peak of Cadair Idris, Penygadair. Where these lines intersected paths, tracks or roads I drew back along that directional line towards Cadair on a specific date.

 As the year progressed I drew around the compass. East on the Spring Equinox, South on the Summer Solstice, West on the Autumn Equinox and so on, with the minor directions fitting in between. Initially the sketches for each stage will be put on the website. Eventually being replaced by the prints.