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Spring Tide

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I am Ian Phillips, artist and linocut printmaker. A quick word about this new website. It has over 250 of my prints on, including editions which have sold out and those still available. I hope you enjoy looking at my work. Any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

For more information about me Ian Phillips, please click here. This website shows my new linocuts; printmaking tips; details of forthcoming exhibitions, which galleries stock my work and printmaking workshops.

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"Spring Tide". A Collaberative Woodcut

This large and dramatic woodcut is the work of five printmakers who came together to produce something rather different to their usual work. Printmaking is a solitary occupation and working together encouraged a sense of creative experimentation and a desire to do something monumental for all the printmakers involved.  We took a trip to the beach for inspiration and, as the wind tried to snatch them into the sea, drew quickly on large sheets of paper with brush and ink. Once we had something to work with we retired to the studio to consider our options. A distillation of our beach work was collectively sketched onto a large piece of 12mm thick plywood. We then had to decide how could five printmakers cut into the block without cutting into each other. The obvious solution was to dismember the block and each have a piece to work on individually. This we did, the sheet was jigsawed into three separate pieces, and we all took our piece of the block to  separate corners to begin cutting.

Rod Nelson and Judith Westcott worked on the background carving intricate patterns into the cliffs. Julia Manning worked on the signature block of the main curving cliff arched in the foreground while I began hacking away at the sea. Merlyn Chesterman meanwhile had another whole sheet of plywood. This was the under block which would underlie the rest of the print and tie it all together. The majority of this block was also cutting marks for the waves which would show through anything I carved. Merlyn and I collaborated loosely on where our different marks went. We wanted the two sections of cutting to work together but not be too contrived. The marks had to reflect the chaotic and wild movement of the sea down at the beach that morning so a certain unpredictability in what was going to happen when we printed was essential.

After cutting the blocks were inked up individually and assembled on the bed of the press to be printed. Various versions or ‘proofs’ were printed to see if we needed to cut any more from the blocks. Once we were happy with the cutting we began trying out different colours and tones until we had something we were all happy with.

Once we had agreed on the proof another three days of printing produced this print in an edition of 30. Printed on Somerset Tub Sized Satin 410gsm paper.

"Spring Tide"

Original Woodcut

Print Size: 1500 x 1000mm

Edition of 30

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pp£1000 unframed

Prices include postage. Due to the size of this print, we are only selling it unframed. It will be posted out in a large sturdy postal tube.