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Due to the large number of visitors to the printmaking pages, I have provided more and updated information on my linocut techniques. In this section of the website you can look at :

Firstly, the printmaking summay briefly explains the process used to create the artwork seen on this website and is for general information.

Secondly, the printmaking tutorial takes you throuth the process of creating a linocut in much more detail. This may be of use to art students wishing to try out and improve technique or to individuals wishing to attend a workshop here at my studio.

Thirdly, as just mentionned, I open my studio once a month for printmaking workshops to suit all levels. You can learn the method and techniques needed to create a coloured reduction linocut in a small group.

If you are looking for materials from barrens to paper the printmaking materials page should point you in the right direction.

Finally a links page which may be useful for further information, split into categories.

Finally, finally I have recently added a shop to the website selling giclee prints, cards and my book which you can view full screen.


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